[Tig] 5d2

Ken Robinson flight4 at gmail.com
Wed May 29 05:11:51 BST 2013

Talking of codecs....

Just dealing with a movie shot on 5d2... edited natively on Premiere Pro
CS5.5... And now looking to get rid of the banding from the native edit.

I have now tried:

exporting (from CS6) to Pro Res 422HQ, LT and 444 via CS6
Fiddling with all the settings... IMHO complete rubbish, with 444
being absolutely unusable.

Had a quick look at Cineform Studio... Its ok, but no better than MPEG
stream Clip generating Pro Res LT or PR444

I then made a quick PRLT from the original footage and placed on a CS6
timeline, then re exported to prores as if I was going to send to Resolve
for colour correction...

I am so severely underwhelmed with CS6's ability to deal with Prores that I
think I will have output DPX directly from the CS6 (native edit) and grade

Or else, I suppose, recode everything via MPEG Stream and re-conform the
edit in FCP7.

Anyone had success exporting something in high quality to go to Resolve
that isnt as heavy as DPX...

But I did find out that Magic Lantern have a firmware that allows RAW video
from a 50D.... (bit late now).

All comments and mud throwing gratefully welcomed.

Ken Robinson
(lost in patagonia)

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