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have your tried Adobe MediaEncoder?

here´s a link to a blog post which describes how MediaEncoder seems to work best:


Am 30.05.2013 um 04:27 schrieb Ken Robinson:

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> After trying all the software I could get my hands on (with gui's)... I
> have noted that MPEG Streamclip does the best job to ProRes.
> So its a relink to the newly minted Pro res and xml to Resolve.
> Ken Robinson
> On 29 May 2013 12:10, Juan Salvo <js at grsv.com> wrote:
>> Ken,
>> Try 5DtoRGB... banding can sometimes be the result of a bad conversion...
>> but generally is due to quantization at the source. Particularly with h264
>> footage. Some clever algorithms can be used to limit, and maybe even reduce
>> this effect. The aforementioned utility uses one such algorithm.
>> -Juan
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