[Tig] Grading 3D Cineform Media on Davinci Resolve 9.1.6

Hebert Marmo hebertmarmo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 3 21:45:14 BST 2013


I am trying to grade a 3d Cineform quicktime codec, with both left and
right eye on the same qt, I've conformed and setup the both left and right
eye on the project, but I am having a issue, every time i look or render
anything of the right eye, seems like it's in a low resolution. Can anyone
help?? I've tried to search on the web and have no feedback. I am working
on a Davinci Resolve running on a Mac Pro 12 Cores 24 GB Ram Cubix with 3
GTX 680 4Gb


Hebert Marmo

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