[Tig] Resolve vs Smoke workflow for Prores4444

Alexis Hurkman hurkman at mac.com
Fri Oct 18 15:49:18 BST 2013

He'll need to use a different sequence set to a different bit-depth setting (this can't be changed for existing sequences). Smoke sees ProRes 4444 clips as "12-bit u" but sees ProRes 422 clips as "10-bit." Chances are, his project settings are set to 10-bit, so that's the default chosen for new sequences that are created.

He can create a new timeline with the proper bit depth (by choosing from the Bit-Depth popup of the New Sequence Creation dialog), and then edit the imported ProRes 4444 clip into that. If he's already imported a sequence of imported ProRes 4444 clips, they can be copied and pasted en masse from the old sequence into a new one set to the correct bit depth. I've had to deal with this myself, and it's not a problem.


On Oct 18, 2013, at 9:14 AM, Carl Skaff <carl at stopp.se> wrote:

> I'm grading a job, will render out as Prores4444 and give to a guy in Smoke.
> I will do the conform in Resolve and lock it down so I can render it all
> out as one long final clip.
> my Smoke-guy has some problems... If he takes my Prores4444 into Smoke then
> he needs to process his timeline.
> If I give him a Prores422HQ then there isn't any problems, it can play it
> without any processing.
> We think it has something to do with the Prores4444 is 16bit RGB (?) and
> Smoke can only select 10 or 12bit.
> And if I go for Prores422HQ then its a 10bit file so a 10bit projects works
> fine.
> Any ideas anyone?

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