[Tig] Backward compatibility for new video standards.

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Fri Sep 6 15:51:37 BST 2013

You obviously don't work for Apple.

Being involved with the struggle between distribution formats, my main gripe is that there are simply too many, and none of them are well understood, and the decision-makers and distributors for the most part don't know there are actually any differences at all.  (Its "just video", right?)

Charles Poynton, where are you?

Help me out here...  there were a couple (and they were a married couple) of color researchers from the mid-80s who were trying to convince the recommendation-makers that an entirely log/log approach to color difference and gamma would do away with most of this space-transform/display complicatedness.  The Glenns?  Seems to me a golden opportunity was missed.

On 2013-09-06, at 5:06 AM, Richard Kirk wrote:

>  we ought to be making new video standards that are backwardly compatible with the old standards.

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