[Tig] Resolve v10

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Wed Sep 11 06:19:01 BST 2013

I've also been running the Beta.
Have it installed on my 'onelight-box' in the lab, an old MacPro that is
way below spec. Working ok. But I've only done simple stuff on it.
Also have it installed in the main suite running a 12core MacPro with not
too much Ram. (Maybe 12 or 18 idon't remember, IT moves things around all
the time)
Have a Cubix with 3xGTX580, DVS-SAN, and the BMD-Panel.

Been working very well. Can't claim flawless but I haven't been pounding my
head against the wall:)

One feature I saw at NAB that I thought was the most unnecessary tool to
have in Grading... Ability to edit and adjust Audio.
On the first job I did on v10 I of coarse used that to do so very simple
audio adjustments.
I wasn't too keen when they called it an 'Online Editor'... But the first
job I did was conformed and completely finished within Resolve. I put the
graphics, titles and everything on there. Even got to change a wrong
spelled name in the credits, by using the Node-Resize together with tracked

Anyone out there been running it on an iMac with the BMD-panel for proper
'higher jobs'?

(Disclaimer: I don't work for DVD/Cubix/BMD/NVidia/etc. just use there
stuff and sometimes demo for them)


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11 sep 2013 kl. 03:30 skrev Ted Langdell <ted at tedlangdell.com>:

Joe and Tom: What are you running it on, and what panels are you using?


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