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Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Wed Sep 11 16:27:04 BST 2013

The beta itself is running on a MacPro 3,1- 1.6 GHz dual quad with 24 GB RAM.  GUI is a Quadro4000 and the GPU processing is done outboard with 3x flashed GTX480s ("thanks, Dave!") housed in a Cubix GPU-XPander. For panels, I have a set of Tangent Elements in my downtown-base studio. The application itself is currently on a hidden Mountain Lion boot drive that I only bring on line when moving into "test" mode.  Otherwise, for public consumption, I'm running the latest Resolve 9 out of a Snow Leopard boot on the same tower.

Across town, I have a remote Resolve 9 installed on a Mountain Lion OS system with a bootstrapped and externally-power-supplied GTX Titan for GPU... with a Tangent WAVE attached.  I get some unusual and entertaining startup diagnostics from that unit sometimes...  I also found that I had to install a powered USB hub to support my extra interfaces for that suite... (Wave, Graphire tablet, then mouse... all mysteriously stopped functioning... one at a time...) maybe it was the Titan -- wow what a wattage vampire that thing is.

The last couple of 10b builds have been very stable for me -- early on there were a couple of abrupt exits to the desktop, but those might have actually been my fault for doing something outside of orthodox workflow.  Whatever that is... of course, one of the reasons exactly why I find the public forums so much fun is because "orthodox" may be a foreign concept for the vast majority of current users...   ;-P

I have to admit to a certain amount of initial skepticism around the notion of extending the package as an "online" solution.  Marrying audio , of course, was always one of the biggies for dailies, and that goes back to the days of telecine.  That's been around forever.  As the release matures, it's probably true that almost everything that a finishing facility might expect to see will be covered... but continuing in the vein of orthodoxy... I am VERY often presented with sequences constructed in ways that (and sometimes with good, justified reasons) defy standard logic... but are deal-killers with most of the protocols we understand to yield successful AAF and XML project roundtripping.  Time will tell.  If you have *total control* over what's on the timeline... probably good to go, otherwise, I think there are still things that will get lost in translation, if the timeline has accumulated as a house of cards... but that kind of instability is *not* Resolve's fault.

Beyond the beta's current status, DCP creation will still entail another investment to acquire the Fraunhofer license... and although it may be the gold standard (I don't know - I use several) its also one of the more expensive solutions on the market.  Given that most of my local clients feel that a DCI package should be as cheap as banging out a Vimeo clip, or at least an HDCam SR... plus the issue of your continuing support of the DCP distribution with KDM keys (if you go encrypted)...   that's going to require a mindset adjustment on a number of fronts.

On 2013-09-10, at 7:30 PM, Ted Langdell wrote:

> Joe and Tom: What are you running it on, and what panels are you using?

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