[Tig] IBC 2013

Carl Skaff carl at stopp.se
Sun Sep 15 23:00:36 BST 2013

Hey guys

I've been at the BMD-booth this weekend demoing the just released Resolve
Will be there for a few hours in the morning tomorrow (Monday) before I
take some time off to walk the floor.

If there are anyone out there that would like a short demo of some of the
100+ new features... Drop by and say hello.

And if you have any suggestion of what to have a look at or seen something
cool. Feel free to stop in.

And if YOU are demoing with any vendors... Please post something here so
that the people not in Amsterdam can get a part of the news.

This is not meant as an advertisement for Resolve but an invite to anyone
demoing another product, or maybe just seems something they liked, to post
here of the TiG

Ps. I don't work for BMD. Just demoing with them for the exchange of
dinner/beer. Although that might appear as payment, there are other methods
of getting food/drinks that causes a lot less foot/back-pain.


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