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Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Wed Sep 18 16:57:55 BST 2013

In addition to the usual complement of geometric shapes, there is a "grad" ramp that defines a single border, and can be rotated and scaled to direct the correction taper.  There is a change to the user-defined spline shape, which is significantly improved as it behaves more like an X-spline.  It also does not spawn with a default softness or tangent spline-rounding.  An operator has the option of assigning individual sharpness to a control point, so you aren't immediately driven insane by all the rubber-band anti-convolutions that it was born with in previous versions.

Have not thoroughly investigated tracking complex movement.  I have a series that is lensed with a weaving/hunting frame, so I have to track every shape every time, and for mostly inorganic (no-morphing) subjects, even the Version 9 tracker was excellent.  For subjects such as talking faces that are turning and facing different directions, not so much, but almost no tracking software is going to auto-deliver essentially a rotoshape in the same amount of time.  Yes, it is still a *point* (albeit multipoint) tracker, not a *planar* tracker.  I am hoping to inspire a movement to adopt a MochaPro-like coexistence.

Even so, the multiple-instance per node feature saves an enormous amount of tree-building when building up a complex shape (with masks) that have to share a common correction -- for example the yellow taxi going behind a signpost.  You can do that in one node now -- Make the taxi yellower or some other colour, or "Pleasantville" it, mask for a cross-light keeping the windows and tires some value, mask the signpost, track it through the frame... grad or grade the sky... go crazy.

Of course, you can still also garbage-matte a HSL qualification with a complex shape composition, which should relieve a lot of tedious non-creative effort, you know genius being 99% perspiration and all that, maybe it gives us back a few %. Wouldn't that be lovely?

On 2013-09-18, at 4:12 AM, Jean-Clement Soret wrote:

>  how it is doing with shapes and tracking?

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