[Tig] 8mm scan

Daniel Henríquez Ilic dhisur at gmail.com
Mon Sep 30 11:27:51 BST 2013


In Paris, As Image, does have a Kinetta scanner that handles super-8 up to

Otherwise you could contact Image Systems, to solicit a list of their
clients with Golden Eye III scanner that are offering super-8 scanning

Not in Europe :
I have read that Cinelicious in L.A is implementing a Laser Graphics
ScanStation that wil be able to handle super-8 scanning.    Spectra Film &
Video in L.A has a Spirit Datacine with an improved gate for super-8.
 Pro8mm in L.A, has a Millennium2 (Image Mill Steady module)  that in
theory could scan super-8 up to 4k, but the output of their scanner was
limited until recently to HD.  They wanted to implement 2k scanning soon.

Park Road Post in New Zealand has a Spirit Datacine that handles super-8.

Best regards,
Daniel Henriquez

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