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David Crosthwait david at dcvideo.com
Thu Apr 17 23:21:53 BST 2014

I was about to say the same. Most likely it is dirty air, and the white coating in the gate is now brown.


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On Apr 17, 2014, at 2:30 PM, Ken Robinson wrote:

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> Also check if the inside of the skid plate is dirty... That would make you
> overdrive the lamp (1st hand experience). But what actually happens at 300
> hrs, does it actually fail?? I never remember seeing that!
> In my experience at over 2000 hrs you end up having to wind up the current
> so much that any density changes in the film become a nightmare. If you are
> on something like interpos, you simply cant get enough light through the
> film (1st hand experience).
> Ken Robinson
> Hoping his memory serves him correctly!
> Patagonia Argentina.
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