[Tig] Need Ursa Parts

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
Sun Aug 3 23:32:33 BST 2014

I have spares in UK  .... only 1 super8 gate though that is still often

Graham Collett
Visible Sprockets Ltd

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From: David Warner [mailto:dnwarner at zimmdot.com] 
Sent: 15 July 2014 16:38
To: tig at colorist.org
Subject: [Tig] Need Ursa Parts



I am wondering if anyone in the Tigasphere has a broken Ursa they are
parting out?  I am needing some parts and spares for a machine that is
currently down.   We are looking for a super 8 gate as well from either a
MKIII or an Ursa.


Please respond off list with any replies.


Thanks much!  Dave Warner


David N. Warner

dnwarner at zimmdot.com


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