[Tig] A film lifeline?

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What is amusing about this is that most of the arguers are a little confused about the relative merits of *shooting* film, editing digitally, and distribution.  As I understood the business model, and I was not particularly close to it, OCN was a kind of loss leader that fed into the real profit centre which was mega-miles of distribution composite prints.  I am afraid that horse has been out of the stable for some time -- I was a little surprised, but not really, that even a limited run resort theatre (Waskesiu Village in the P.A. National Park) in northern Saskatchewan had just installed a spanking new Christie 2K projector.  Shakedown exhibition was Captain America and the Winter Soldier.  This theatre only operates for the summer months.  There were about 25-30 attendees for the first showing, including myself.  None for the second.

I asked a colleague colorist (with a lot of telecine experience) whether he missed film.  *Not a bit.*  In the end, though, if it was going to be a viable medium, origination or not, it demanded expertise to get the most of it -- and we have to remember that "good" is the mortal enemy of "best."

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> Lots of lip service from the studios

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