[Tig] ProRes 4444XQ

Tom Rovak trovak at comcast.net
Fri Aug 8 14:58:36 BST 2014

I just did some tests with ProRes 4444XQ. Original source R3D. After exporting the same clip in both ProRes 4444 and ProRes 4444XQ, I looked at them both in Resolve. Almost identical. A micro shift down in part of the highlights only in XQ, which I could not see in the image by eye, but could see on the scopes. 
Then I imported both clips into Premiere CS6 and there is a huge shift. The XQ is much darker. About a 10 IRE overall shift down. I then exported both clips in ProRes 422HQ and ProRes 4444. Same exact results. I could not export them in XQ as Premiere does not support it yet. I was amazed it would import it. Probably because I updated my ProRes codecs to the latest release (June 2014). The XQ source was much darker. The PrRes 4444 stayed consistent throughout the test, matching the grade from the R3D files. 
Now unless FCPX passes it like Resolve, with virtually no change, m y conclusion is ProRes 4444XQ is NOT ready for prime time. 
Has anyone else done a test like this with FCPX or any finish programs like Smoke, Flame, iQ etc … ? 

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