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Pinnacle Studio is what's left after Avid gutted Liquid nee Fast. It had some interesting features but if I remember correctly it stored Reel Name in a folder name and TC in a file name. So, the chances of your director giving you an EDL making sense are slim. Export QT movies with as much metadata burned over the image as possible and repack in QT Player with the "Save as AVI. component" from squared5, developer of MPEG Streamclip. Your options are SD DV or None by the way and the files should not exceed 2 GB. 

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> Just had a strange request. A director wants all his R3D files transcoded to .avi files so he can edit on a PC. I have never had a request like this in all my years. I have converted finished projects for viewing to .avi but never dailies. I honestly don't think .avi files support smpte time code or any of the metadata from the R3D files. 
> Any engineers know a solution for editing on a PC and preserving the vital metadata? BTW he is using a program called Pinnacle Studio. I never heard of it. Googled it and it looks like a consumer program. I'll bet he won't be able to even give me an EDL with this. 
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