[Tig] A film lifeline?

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sat Aug 16 21:59:04 BST 2014

>3 jobs shot on 35m last week, Mc Donald's, Channel 4, John Lewis.
>I still get surprised after 25 years of grading how generous film is. Come on Arri, Canon, Sony, Red etc,,you can do better than that!

Commercially available HD images are all of 14 years old. When HD is 100 years
old like film is, considering how far things have come in just 14 years, I
expect that its capabilities will *far* surpass what the very last of the neg
could do. 

They just need to move away from single sensor Bayer filtered crap where
colors are made up out of math. And yes, I said Bayer filtered crap.

I also expect to be very dead and to not see it happen.


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