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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
Sun Aug 24 18:31:47 BST 2014

> I'm amazed that things don't look worse at home! The typical home viewer 
> barely sees the equivalent of SD after filtering and compression.

What I get at home often looks inexplicably bad.  Colors get screwed 
up, and images get muddy looking, plastic looking, or have 
macro-blocking added.  Paused video shows an image which looks really 
poor.  The variations are on a per-channel and per-channel basis.  It 
used to be that broadcast video looked stellar.

It is sad that Netflix streaming over DSL (perhaps 3Mbit) is often 
(usually!) producing a much better picture than major broadcast 
programs (which have access to up to 18Mbit MPEG-2), or 
satellite-delivered paid programming (HBO and Showtime).

When I have watched Showtime programs sourced from Blu-ray, the 
improvement in quality has been jaw-dropping.

I know that the problem is not with my TV because Blu-ray still 
provides very nice images on it.

The quality of the audio has also considerably diminished from what it 
used to be, with much less surround-sound activity.

It is not clear to me what the incentive is to deliver such crappy 
looking (and sounding) programming.

Due to the quality issues, I will likely be re-thinking (and am 
already re-thinking) entirely how I receive content.  For example, 
pretty much the only reason why I have a DISH network subscription is 
for the (marginal) DVR and for original programs on HBO and Showtime, 
as well as to always have "something" on the TV.

Some good news is that my local PBS broadcaster has been delivering 
nice images for the past few years and BBC programming looks good from 

I wonder how many people will be ditching their "triple play" service 
providers and satellite/cable based subscription services because the 
quality of the delivered audio/video has become so poor?

How is this lack of delivered quality impacting the production and 
post-production industries?

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