[Tig] The Rank Cintel Mk III Telecine: 1975 - 2015

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>>> On Dec 27, 2014, at 3:00 AM, Terry Knight via Tig <tig at colorist.org> wrote:
>>> Hello chaps, in a few days time we'll be celebrating 40 years of the iconic Rank Cintel MkIII: 1975 to 2015.
>> The afterglow of our post-session feelings …..

>> What is Asda?

> On Dec 27, 2014, at 9:34 AM, peter stansfield <peter.stansfield at wavecrest-systems.com> wrote:
> Asda is the UK operating company of your Wal-Mart

Aha.  I’ll take momentary exception to it being my Wal-Mart, as I’ve never set foot in the place.  Have heard of it.

The original posting from Terry Knight is actually signed “Rank Precision Industries, Part of the Rank Organization plc.”  Of course we know something of Rank Precision.

Reading the reference for Rank Precision at http://www.referenceforbusiness.com/history2/11/The-Rank-Organisation-Plc.html   shows that it owns (or did own) Butlin’s, where according to the posting there were subsidized holidays.  

An American version of Butlin’s might be found in the Borscht Belt of the Catskills, or Atlantic City.

The idea of working for Rank Precision brings to mind perhaps the British version of a Jacques Tati film (“Playtime”, “Mon Oncle”).

I believe the key to the posting is in that last paragraph, mentioning Asda, referencing posterity, employment, and giving a telephone number to call.  From whom will we hear the results of dialing it?


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