[Tig] The Rank Cintel MK III Telecine: 1975 – 2015

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Sun Dec 28 12:48:13 GMT 2014

Neil Feldman; well said,
I do not know who Terry Knight is, nor, asking around, doany of my old Cintel friends, and I have asked some who go back to the mid1970’s. Who ever he is, could be a pseudonym, and I have my suspicions, he isdoing a great injustice to all those companies that helped Rank Cintel survivefor so long. His view of the MKIII having perfect geometry, linearity etc etcis very rose tinted, I would have to say that such things were just about adequate,not perfect. Indeed it was only after we designed URSA with its digitalautomatic correction of such errors that near perfection was reached.
In terms of other manufacturers, many of their designscomplemented Rank Cintel. Without the likes of Da Vinci, Pandora, VideoEngineering with their controllers, the various Steadigate and wet gate designand manufacturers and the likes of ITK, Rank Cintel MKIIIs and subsequent designs would probably not have penetratedthe market or survived for as long as they did.
While it is always good as a manufacturer to design totalsystems in house, there will always be others who have novel or better methodsin some areas. Such was always the case with Rank Cintel, and I like to thinkthat in general we had a good relationship with such companies.
I therefore strongly object to “Terry Knight’s derogatoryview of these other manufacturers.
As Peter Stansfield points out this Terry must have beenlong gone from Rank Cintel as the old telephone number he gives is probably atleast 25 years out of date. And I do not think the remnants of the Rank Organisationwould take kindly to him signing off as Rank Precision Industries. ( A divisionthat divested itself of Rank Cintel, Rank Taylor Hobson, Rank Brimar andothers in the 1996, almost 20 years ago.)
Now in terms of the UK Cintel factory complex, that hasindeed gone. 90% of the buildings were flattened and ASDA are constructing asupermarket (Mall). I wonder how often the Ghosts of Cintelites past, will roamthe aisles of this new establishment muttering the words CRT,  35, 16, film, out of sync, jumpscan,digiscan, etc
Happy New Year

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