[Tig] The Rank Cintel Mk III Telecine: 1975 - 2015

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> On Dec 28, 2014, at 4:29 AM, peter stansfield <peter.stansfield at wavecrest-systems.com> wrote:
> Rob
> Apologies for linking you to Wal-Mart, I didn’t intend it like that.

I wasn’t offended at all, was responding tongue-in-cheek, my turn to apologize.

> ‘Subsidized’ holidays is a strange phase to use. Rather there was an ‘employee discount’
> which I suppose is the same thing but doesn’t sound as bad


> And for those not familiar with the UK telephone system, the phone number is the old (pre
> rationalisation) number for Cintel

I guess it takes some special knowledge to know that number.

Pseudonymous postings have never been allowed here, so the account in question is frozen.

Setting my own record straight (and dropping limp attempts at humor), my first experience with a Rank Cintel telecine dates to the early 1980s.  Then in L.A. I spent six years with Mark IIIC Digiscan III/IV machines.  They were extraordinary accomplishments of engineering.  The engineers we worked with from Cintel were already legends, and sales representatives became lifelong friends.

Regarding add-ons or re-engineering, the Millennium 2 I worked with gave the most stunning pictures I’d ever seen from film at the time.

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