[Tig] Desktop Monitors & Calibration for Compositing

Robert Frye bcfrye at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 18 04:49:51 GMT 2014

As Bob mentioned, it really comes down to price and your relative need for critical viewing.

Since the initial question was regarding desktop use, that pretty much rules out plasma, can't
recall the last time I saw a plasma small enough to be used on the desktop.

If pure black level, and decent rendition as the image comes up out of black, are important needs, a
"regular" LCD will suffer in both of these areas, as Bob mentioned.  Sony's OLED line does have good black 
performance, and they have models in a wide range of price points, so they might have a model in your budget.  

But I know many folks doing compositing work who feel they do not need the same level of color critical performance
in a monitor as a person doing color grading work.  If that's the case here, then the Eizo's would be a good choice. 
I don't believe the HP Dream Color has been manufactured for some time.

Again, the bottom line always seems to be, know your budget, and your personal / professional need for color critical
reproduction and black level / near black rendition.  The more these are critical to you, the more budget you will need.

If OTOH if cost is your driving factor, be prepared to have less accuracy in the monitors performance.
For some compositors, this is not a problem.


On Feb 17, 2014, at 6:28 PM, Bob Kertesz wrote:

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>>> Can you suggest good monitors for desktop compositing and calibration process?
>>> We need to set up a new VFX pipeline.
>> I'd say HP dream color and the Eizos would be top contenders for this sort of work.
> Depends on your budget and how picky you are. The two mentioned are OK if you
> can stand the various issues that LCDs have. I had enough of them in a pro
> environment - between no blacks and bad viewing angle, not for me.
> If you have a bigger budget (like around $5K U.S.), the 24" Sony OLED is far
> superior. And of course, with still more money, there are even bigger, better
> monitors out there. I would stick with plasma or OLED.
> Disclaimer: My friends at Sony have always been kind to me, and have bought me
> the occasional inexpensive lunch, and it's likely I will record a monitor
> testimonial for them to use at NAB, but I paid for my OLED. And I only ever
> endorse stuff I like, free or not.
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