[Tig] 1.85 blanking in HD

Andreas Minuth Andreas.Minuth at cinepostproduction.de
Tue Feb 18 09:02:06 GMT 2014


I am a little bit confused about the blanking of 1:1.85 aspect ratio content in a HD container.

When one does the math the visible area is 1920x1038 (rounded). 

In a psf HD-SDI frame this should look like this:
Line 593 and 31 should be black and line 594 and 32 should have image content.

But I noticed that some people use 1920x1040.
In this case: Line 30 and 593 are the last black ones and line 31 and 594 are the first ones with image content.

Now I am wondering what aspect ratio is the correct one. Can someone please enlighten me?

Andy Minuth
Colorist / Image Engineering

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