[Tig] TV dramas graded darker than similar movies?

Perry Paolantonio perry at gammaraydigital.com
Wed Jan 22 15:14:59 GMT 2014

On Jan 22, 2014, at 5:57 AM, Riza Pacalioglu wrote:

> In USA the best ISP (Google Fibre) offers 3.69Mbps and the worst  
> 0.96Mbps, a difference of 4 times! Contrast this with UK where the  
> best ISP offers 2.99Mbps and the worst 2.32Mbps, a difference of  
> just 28%. THAT is the problem.

It's not just that - Google serves such a tiny percentage of the  
population that it's really an outlier - just a handful of cities  

Way down at the bottom of the list, well under 2Mbps, is Comcast. They  
have 111 Million subscribers (households), according to the  
broadbandmap.gov site. For a country with a population of about 320  
Million, that means Comcast is providing internet to most people here,  
and doing a lousy job of it. There's little incentive for them to  
improve, and it's going to get worse with net neutrality likely going  
out the window now. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Comcast is  
intentionally throttling Netflix (they've done this sort of thing  
before), in order to make them pay more for a faster route to the  
viewer. This is very likely about to become legal here. It's a very  
bad thing.

> Is that because users do not switch to HD (correct me if I'm wrong  
> but HD is a user option isn't it?) or because the ISPs cannot stream  
> higher than what we see on the data?

I think some players may allow this explicitly. I believe on the Roku  
box, there is an option to *cap* the speed, but in general the way  
Netflix and most other services work is that they try the highest  
bandwidth stream ("Super HD" - 1080p at something like 5.5mbps), and  
then degrade to lower bandwidth streams based on current network  

We find that we often start in HD and it looks great, but only lasts a  
few seconds before it starts to re-buffer a lower quality stream.  
Often we'll wind up watching a stream that's so compressed you can't  
read text or make out critical details. If you open a laptop and  
download email, it frequently halts video streaming on the TV until  
it's done. That's how borderline the connection typically is.


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