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Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us
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On Sat, 25 Jan 2014, Richard Kirk wrote:
> I am sure this affects grading, but it is harder to quantify how it 
> affects it. If the average viewer is changing their standard viewing 
> habits, then this is something we will have to compensate for. 
> However, if the image is filling more of the screen then the 
> surround is less critical for action in the centre, but...

Trends have been changing for screen sizes.  Sometimes there have been 
trends toward larger screen sizes and trends for smaller screen sizes. 
In the cinema we saw trends toward larger screen sizes but then we saw 
a trend to smaller screen sizes as cinemas introduced smaller (but 
also shorter) rooms so they could offer more movies at once in the 
same footprint as well as work better with the light output from 
digital projection.  In the home we saw a trend toward larger screen 
sizes as rear projection TVs became popular and now a prevailing trend 
toward smaller screen sizes as flat panels have become dominant.

Initial 4k TVs for home theater are rather small (e.g. 55") and it 
seems doubtful that viewers are going to re-arrange the furniture in 
their home to achieve a suitable viewing environment for such a small 
screen size.  Compounding the issue is that traditional speaker 
systems require a particular distance for the sound field to coalesce 
and this distance is typicallly 8 feet or more.  Perhaps the sound 
bars which are becoming popular in conjunction with flat panels allow 
sitting closer (I don't know).  The same social pressures which result 
in selection of flat panel displays and sound bars will result in 
viewers sitting too far away to obtain much more actual clarity than 
obtained from a high-quality DVD.

The decisions one would make for an image which occupies a large part 
of the field of view are different than for an image which occupies 
only a small part of the field of view.

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