[Tig] No more OLEDs -- WTF are we monitoring, exactly?

Juan Salvo js at grsv.com
Thu May 15 00:25:44 BST 2014

The sky is not falling. Sony professional is still very much behind OLED.

*Contrary to reports, Sony continues developing and looking into reliable
> ways to mass produce OLED displays.*

Your PVM and BVM will continue to be made, what was announced regards
Sony's consumer line, which hasn't shown OLED even as a prototype in two
years. Where Sony Pro has had actual shipping products at least that long.

And even that could change, Sony consumer just wants/needs to get people to
want to buy their 4K tvs, and not wait for the 4K consumer OLED we've been
dreaming of.

As to NEBRASKA, i wouldn't blame all that on display tech.

Any colorist worth the weight of his display will tell you the only way to
truly grade for theatrical, is in a theatrical environment. No direct view
device will really give you the same experience/perception. And contrast,
like almost all things about color is relative.


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