[Tig] Seeking L.A. Based Colorist to Help Color Correct Still Images at Low Freelance Rate

John A. Mozzer jamworks at earthlink.net
Wed May 28 06:56:16 BST 2014

   I am looking for an L.A. based colorist to help me color correct hundreds of
   still images (scans of film negatives and transparencies) with Photoshop . .
   . probably someone working in their home . . . maybe someone who could help
   when between jobs . . . there would be no deadlines.
   The scans need color correcting not because they are bad scans. Just the
   opposite. They need color correcting because they are good scans, providing
   lots of latitude in Photoshop, and I must take advantage of it. Here are
   some examples (already color corrected):
   Currently, I am getting help from a couple of guys with a good eye for
   color, who know Photoshop, during one-to-one training at my local Apple
   Store. I have to sign up for Final Cut Pro X each time, and hope that I get
   one of those two guys. The Apple Store can't guarantee help with Photoshop
   because it is not an Apple product, and sometimes I get someone who doesn't
   know Photoshop.
   I could pay approximately $100.00 per hour. We could use my iMac, which I
   could transport to the person's workspace. (I already routinely lug it to
   the Apple Store.) My apologies if this is an insultingly low rate to the
   professional  colorists who read this forum. I can't afford to pay the
   typical hourly rate of a post production suite.
   I am posting here on the TIG forum, because I think this is where I can find
   someone,  or someone who may know someone, with the "eye". I am not an
   "employer". Basically, I am looking for a service.
   John A. Mozzer
   Los Angeles, CA


   1. http://jamworks.smugmug.com/Gallery-Openings-1980s-90s/Tortures-of-Xtian-Martyrs/

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