[Tig] Seeking L.A. Based Colorist to Help Color Correct Still Images at Low Freelance Rate

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed May 28 15:50:58 BST 2014

John, after you look at examples of my work, I could negotiate a lower rate with you. (For example, considering the time for file transmit and comments, 35$/hour.  )

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rob at colorist.org

> On May 28, 2014, at 12:56 AM, "John A. Mozzer via Tig" <tig at colorist.org> wrote:
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>   I am looking for an L.A. based colorist to help me color correct hundreds of
>   still images (scans of film negatives and transparencies) with Photoshop . .
>   . probably someone working in their home . . . maybe someone who could help
>   when between jobs . . . there would be no deadlines.
>   The scans need color correcting not because they are bad scans. Just the
>   opposite. They need color correcting because they are good scans, providing
>   lots of latitude in Photoshop, and I must take advantage of it. Here are
>   some examples (already color corrected):
>   [1]http://jamworks.smugmug.com/Gallery-Openings-1980s-90s/Tortures-of-Xtian-
>   Martyrs/
>   Currently, I am getting help from a couple of guys with a good eye for
>   color, who know Photoshop, during one-to-one training at my local Apple
>   Store. I have to sign up for Final Cut Pro X each time, and hope that I get
>   one of those two guys. The Apple Store can't guarantee help with Photoshop
>   because it is not an Apple product, and sometimes I get someone who doesn't
>   know Photoshop.
>   I could pay approximately $100.00 per hour. We could use my iMac, which I
>   could transport to the person's workspace. (I already routinely lug it to
>   the Apple Store.) My apologies if this is an insultingly low rate to the
>   professional  colorists who read this forum. I can't afford to pay the
>   typical hourly rate of a post production suite.
>   I am posting here on the TIG forum, because I think this is where I can find
>   someone,  or someone who may know someone, with the "eye". I am not an
>   "employer". Basically, I am looking for a service.
>   John A. Mozzer
>   Los Angeles, CA
> References
>   1. http://jamworks.smugmug.com/Gallery-Openings-1980s-90s/Tortures-of-Xtian-Martyrs/
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