[Tig] no doubt tired of DMARC by now, but a last word...maybe.

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed May 28 21:08:52 BST 2014

The large ESP (Email Service Providers) implemented DMARC at about the same time.  Coincidence?  read on.   DMARC was not approved nor tracked for approval by the IETF nor the RFC process.  Thus it essentially became policy by fiat.  DMARC wreaks its greatest damage on mailing lists that are not run from the large ESPs.  An abundance of workarounds to manage DMARC in the face of its breaking approved email protocols (via IETF and RFC) is the result, with none working completely well.  It seems that DMARC was designed with the following goals:

1) to break, or make almost impossible, those mailing lists that use the open protocols of the email standards; 

2) to allow, now that a suitable period of angst and lynch-mob anxiety has caused those who subscribe to established (and standards-adherent) mailing lists has had time to percolate, a ready-made easy option: switch to yahoo groups, google groups, and voila, your problem is solved.  These monolithic ESP’s business models are nicely enhanced: to subscribe as many people as possible, in large/huge mailing lists, in order to enlarge their advertising base, and generate higher stock prices and revenue.  

And their list management scheme is not open to scrutiny, nor development by peer review, so who knows what goes on with your 1) message body and 2) your email address.

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