[Tig] engineer nominations

Darin Wooldridge dwooldridge at mac.com
Thu May 29 22:12:10 BST 2014

I have worked with so many.  
And I'm missing a bunch. 

Henry Ball 
Derrick Billing
Rick Heaslip
Merle Sharp 

All great video / telecine engineers. I am certainly thankful to have their 
support and knowledge through the years.   

Darin Wooldridge 
Colorist @ technicolor.  

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> We can hold the colorist HoF for later, this engineer HoF now is all the work I can handle (along with DMARC, the Semantic Wiki, formatting the various texts sent to me for recent posting, and updating the Semantic Wiki dependencies).
> So please limit to engineers for now, thanks :)
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