[Tig] Scanning tinted negative film

Bojan Mastilovic chili.styles at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 11:32:14 GMT 2014

we are scanning a internegative film made from a copy of the film from
1916. The film is tinted by a manual process, so we have some yellow, blue
and pink scenes.  We have a Northlight scanner, and if we look for a Dmin
(pure black) in the frame bar between the frames, we get the very slight
tint color. I do not know how this film was tinted (the process) but I
would guess that whoever was working on manual tinting did not paint only
the picture, carefully avoiding tinting the frame bar. I think that tint
was spilled also on the frame bar, and when I tell the scanner to measure
the frame bar it finds it a bit yellow, and it make a compensation for it.
So the images we have are black and white with very slight color tint. By
it I mean so slight that you can barely notice it. Do you have any
suggestions how to properly scan this?

Thank you!

Bojan Mastilovic
Restart Production

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