[Tig] Old-school SMPTE Framing/Focus Telecine Chart

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
Thu Nov 20 10:02:05 GMT 2014

SMPTE AR-35 and AR-16, later on an independent DEL chart included s35 sizing and became the standard. Uk's Channel 4 made a s16 film also, ..they couldn't wait for SMPTE to publish the s16 spec, so it was never rubber stamped but became standard because it was the only thing available.
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> On 17 Nov 2014, at 08:01, Marc Wielage <mfw at musictrax.com> wrote:
> So after several days of detective work, I determined that SMPTE had
> discarded and removed all their old test film information from their
> public site, but I was able to discover this:
> http://www.sprocketschool.org/w/images/3/38/Smpte-test-materials-catalog.pd
> f
> That lists everything that we old-school telecine operators were familiar
> with in the 1990s. Staff engineer Rick Heaslip (still with Technicolor)
> was able to determine it was called the ³Telecine Alignment Film² (aka the
> ³TAR²) sold by SMPTE as TV35-AR50, and that¹s the ³Classic² sizing loop we
> always used with the Ranks and the Spirits in SD throughout the 1980s,
> 1990s, and early 2000s. DI engineer/consultant Ray Mitchell found a later
> version of the exact same sizing film from the 1990s that had been
> augmented with ³RP40,² so at some point SMPTE just changed the number.
> Images of the film are scattered around the net as a ³Test Card,² but now
> we know what it properly should be called.  Glad that this mystery is
> finally solved!
> <Marc W.
> freelance colorist

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