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Jim Wicks jim at jimwicks.com
Fri Nov 28 12:21:25 GMT 2014

We’re in the market for a restoration software program to replace DaVinci Revival, which is EOL.
Our pipeline is 2K and 4K uncompressed DPX.

We demo’d PFClean, based on recommendations.
The Pixel Farm was very accommodating, easy to work with during the demo.
My restoration artists enjoyed being back on a Mac (Revival is running on Linux machines in our shop).

In the end, they found PFClean to be slow on 2K uncompressed DPX.
Works faster if used on proxies, which is not suitable for our workflow.
Also, the video tutorials supplied by The Pixel Farm were all based on a previous UI - not the current software release.

This week we have a Phoenix being installed on a Windows machine for a month-long demo.
David Catt is driving down from Atlanta to do the install.
Have heard very good things about Phoenix and hope most are true.

I’ll update you after my crew has finished their demo.

Best, Jim


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>   Hi
>   There is one more restoration software...
>   PF clean
>   Â
>   Toyz
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>   I know this has been discussed many times, but looking for some new insight.
>   Thoughts on film restoration software?
>   I've tested pf clean, Diamant dustbuster +, Algosoft.
>   *Pf clean* had the best interface, and allowed prores files without needing
>   to convert to dpx sequences.
>   *Dustbuster +* gave me the best results and excellent fine tuning controls.
>   Very good customer support around development and improving the software.
>   (scratch removal is getting better).
>   *Algosoft* - still in development with some promising results. UI is old,
>   and very windows xp ish. Mainly an automated one touch solution. Not
>   necessarily what I'm after.
>   Approx costs:
>   Dustbuster quotes $18k
>   Pfclean $10k
>   Both have costly yearly upgrade fees.
>   Mti I have not tested
>   Phoenix retouch I have not tested.
>   Anyone have results/opinions they could share?
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