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Perry Paolantonio perry at gammaraydigital.com
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We charge hourly, but it's hard to do an estimate without seeing the footage.

We don't do any automated dust busting or restoration work,  strictly manual. In almost 10 years of doing digital restoration work I've yet to find an automated tool that works well. Every time we try one we end up spending more time doing QC and repair work on the (automated) repairs than we would just going through the whole thing a frame at a time. 

It's not cheap but the results are far superior. 


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> How do you price out your restoration services?
> It's difficult to find rates around this and I have a couple clients asking
> about it.  Is there a standard pricing method?
> Per foot,  per frame per minute?
> Hourly rate for technician/suite?
> Semi-automated vs fully manual?
> Workflow around this so client expectations aren't higher then what is
> capable for their budget?
> Trying to navigate this within industry standard rates.
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