[Tig] Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Droping Near Cut on Big Project

Hebert Marmo hebertmarmo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 13 01:08:47 BST 2014


I am experiencing a issue with Resolve that i would like to share and ask
with anyone already dealt with something similar. I am doing a muisic DVD,
recorded with the AJA Ki-pro, actually were 18 AJA ki-pro recording 18
cameras and 2 days of shoting, the files are recorded as a quicktime ProRes
422 HQ. My setup is usually really stable, my machine is a macpro 12 cores,
with 24 GB memory, a cubix with 3 x GTx 680 4Gb, an atto Controller R680
and a side car SAS with 2 x Raid-5 storages of 8 disks of 3 Tb each, my
throughput is about 700 Mb/s on each storage. The issue is that in this
specific project when I am playing even with no color correction at all,
the Resolve is dropping when approaching the cut, I am guessing it's
because of the size of the quicktime files on the second day, the most
present on the cut, the 18 ki-pros recorded aprox 3 hours and 20 minutes,
each. This project is using 10 TB of my storage. Did anyone had a similar
issue with big projects?


Hebert Marmo

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