[Tig] Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Droping Near Cut on Big Project

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This can also be done by starting with a new session (empty media pool), set up a bin for each reel, input the XML for reel 1 and check the box to ingest the select clips to the media pool. Move on to reel 2 etc… 
I use this when I have a locked cut. When I don't have a locked cut yet, I will bring all media into the media pool. Importing new XMLs as I get them. I have had some projects with up to 16TB and have never had a problem, slow down etc... 
Not sure what could be causing that. 

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>I am guessing it's 
>because of the size of the quicktime files on the second day, the most 
>present on the cut, the 18 ki-pros recorded aprox 3 hours and 20 minutes, 
>each. This project is using 10 TB of my storage. Did anyone had a similar 
>issue with big projects? 

I agree with Joe & Patrick: you need to delete the unused media from the 
session so that the only media you have to deal with is the actual shots 
used in the video. 

Nikolai Waldman¹s ³Resolve Collect² is an inexpensive add-on that will let 
you sort out the used source files from the unused source files: 


I recently did a project that shrank from 7TB to 1.2TB, since I was able 
to corral just the clips actually needed for the project. 

‹Marc W. 

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