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Clark E Bierbaum bierbaum at bellsouth.net
Tue Oct 14 05:08:28 BST 2014

Can this "esteemed colleague" be blocked, Rob?  What the hell?

Back to our regularly scheduled non-nutcase discussion, please. 

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> On Oct 13, 2014, at 23:52, Catalin Braescu via Tig <tig at colorist.org> wrote:
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>> You have previously tried getting access to a Kinetta to reverse engineer
> it,
>> though never quite so publicly.  Pretty audacious move!
> Jeff, there is nothing audacious to ask you to put your money where your
> mouth is. It was YOURSELF the one who claimed publicly that your Kinetta
> scanner is not a for-profit business but some sort of work of love. As for
> "getting access" to other scanners, I'm certain you built your Kinetta only
> after getting your hands on plenty of Cintels, Spirits and whatsnot, so
> please get off your high horse.
>> Do you invest in companies that give away their work?  How would they
> survive
>> if they did?  This is hardware, not software.  Each unit costs real money.
> The discussion was not about me, but about yourself. It seems that my
> focused question disarmed your false claim that Kinetta is not a for-profit
> business (especially when you charge 100 - 150 - 200,000 dollars for a
> unit).
> As for myself, yes, I do invest in companies committed to the Open Source
> principles, be it in software and in hardware. Take a look at the
> relationship between 3D Robotics http://3drobotics.com/ DIY Drones
> http://diydrones.com/ and ArduPilot http://ardupilot.com/ it shows clearly
> that there a hardware business based on Open Source is not just possible
> but thriving (Richard Branson of Virgin recently invested
> http://www.crunchbase.com/organization/3d-robotics). We're going live with
> our own Opn Source hardware, software and schematics for film scanners soon
> (first quarter of 2015).
>> We do offer significant discounts to non-profits whose aims we support,
>> and we do a lot of pro-bono scanning work for filmmakers we care about.
>> I’m sure you do the same.
> You and I are living in different worlds, facing very different markets.
> There is no amount of significant discounts to give to a NATIONAL film
> archive that is so underfunded it can barely afford to pay the electricity
> bill. We have thousands of (so to speak) movies in Egypt that are in
> desperate need of archival before mold, humidity, dust, or religious
> extremists will forever destroy them. The only way to save them is to
> provide a low-cost, under $10,000 (preferably under 5,000) film scanner
> that will allow parallel work from unrelated groups and organizations (the
> more unrelated, the better. Considering your own BoM (which I don't know,
> but I can roughly estimate) you'll really do a labor of love if you sell
> them one Kinetta for 10k and you'll lose about 5k USD  if you go for the
> lower price level. Nobody could ask you to do that, Jeff, I'm with you on
> that. But don't hide behind your discounted work for US-based non-profits
> that anywhere in developing countries will be seen as grotesquely rich
> organizations. I'm not the bad guy here (and neither you are).
>> As an entrepeneur, you certainly have the time, resources, and
>> ability to develop an open-source scanner of your own.
>> We all look forward to seeing the results.
> I will be happy to see your name as a client when that will happen, or a
> user. I'll be even more happier if you would help us with the low-cost,
> open source scanner (which I can't imagine could jeopardize your own
> product line).
> peace,
> Catalin
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