[Tig] Common practice in DCI grading

Hans J. hj3000 at outlook.com
Wed Sep 3 12:35:34 BST 2014

Hi everybody!

I am a colorist from a TV grading background and have some questions regarding real-life common practices for grading DCI features. I understand the theory and implications of going from P3 gamut and DCI white point to HDTV colors with D65 white point and all that. I can imagine there is quite a difference in theory and the actual daily workflow, so I am very curious to hear from those who do this on a daily basis. 

- I read that it is not uncommon to grade on a DCI projector using P3 gamut, but having it set to D65 white "for artistic purposes". I can see how that is attractive in regards to going to HDTV with the grade, but how common is that really? Is there any downside to that approach? I assume the human eye will accept D65 white and DCI white just as well given a pitch black cinema environment, so why do people make this decision to change the white point? 

- When porting a cinema grade to HDTV, do you use a white point conversion to replicate the "greenish white" on TV, keeping the look intact or do you settle for D65 and a rather extensive trim session? How far can you get with using LUTs and how much manual labour is needed to adjust a DCI grading for TV? 

I have been trying to wrap my mind around this for quite some time, reading many PDFs and forums, but I guess you can only get so far by reading up on a matter and not trying it hands-on. But any input will be much appreciated.


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