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In my experience, much of the difference is in the creation of the DCP. If the DCP is done right, your grading on an HD monitor is into the mix and the DCP converts to P3 properly. You have to make sure the DCP takes into account the color science and gamma curve of the monitor you graded on. I always grade in HDTV and use the SMPTE DCI standards when making a DCP and the results have been a DCI that matches my HDTV grade almost flawlessly. I have seen projection screens in need of calibrating. But that's another issue. 

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Hi everybody! 

I am a colorist from a TV grading background and have some questions regarding real-life common practices for grading DCI features. I understand the theory and implications of going from P3 gamut and DCI white point to HDTV colors with D65 white point and all that. I can imagine there is quite a difference in theory and the actual daily workflow, so I am very curious to hear from those who do this on a daily basis. 

- I read that it is not uncommon to grade on a DCI projector using P3 gamut, but having it set to D65 white "for artistic purposes". I can see how that is attractive in regards to going to HDTV with the grade, but how common is that really? Is there any downside to that approach? I assume the human eye will accept D65 white and DCI white just as well given a pitch black cinema environment, so why do people make this decision to change the white point? 

- When porting a cinema grade to HDTV, do you use a white point conversion to replicate the "greenish white" on TV, keeping the look intact or do you settle for D65 and a rather extensive trim session? How far can you get with using LUTs and how much manual labour is needed to adjust a DCI grading for TV? 

I have been trying to wrap my mind around this for quite some time, reading many PDFs and forums, but I guess you can only get so far by reading up on a matter and not trying it hands-on. But any input will be much appreciated. 

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