[Tig] Common practice in DCI grading

Joe Owens jpo at prestodigital.ca
Wed Sep 3 17:48:16 BST 2014

Pretty much my experience lately, now that most of the DCP authoring software has figured out how to migrate the SMPTE values over to the X'Y'Z' DCI space.  There will be a bigger variation in the wild (commercial projection theatres) -- a bit like trying to predict how your 709 grade is going to look on Fred and Marge's LCD that they just brought home from Tiger Express.

On 2014-09-03, at 9:02 AM, Tom Rovak via Tig wrote:

> grade in HDTV and use the SMPTE DCI standards when making a DCP and the results have been a DCI that matches my HDTV grade almost flawlessly.

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