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Facilities with the Kinetta Archival Scanner scan Super-8 at 3296 x 2472 x 12 bits — about 5x the resolution of pillarboxed HD.  Counterintuitively, more resolution is more important for small formats, that have a higher grain-to-framesize ratio.  I wrote a little paper on it that you can download here:


Kinetta Archival (our NYC facility) have done a lot of 8mm and S8 scans for theatrical documentaries, one example being H.R. Haldeman’s Nixon White House home movies, which had to be scanned on location at the Nixon Library because the film couldn’t leave the facility.  This footage amounted to about 70% of the feature documentary OUR NIXON.

There currently aren’t any Kinettas in Australia — the closest ones would be in Switzerland, France, Israel, and the UK.

Disclaimer — I manufacture Kinetta Archival Scanners, but these days it’s a labor of love, not profit!

Jeff Kreines
jeff at kinetta.com

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> Reaching out to the wider TIG.
> We need a facility to transfer Super 8, approximately 3 hrs running time.
> Some of the footage has sound.
> It needs to be an excellent quality transfer, with end result to be
> integrated as historical/archival use in a feature film.
> Obvious preference is to HD if the telecine is set up for that, but good
> quality SD is possible.
> Please contact me off list if you provide those services and with some
> detail on what equipment you use.
> Thanks
> Rick, FSM Sydney
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