[Tig] Color pop on Resolve working with 2997 material

Rogério Moraes rogermamo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 26 16:25:57 BST 2014


   Does anyone knows a work around to correct a color event (cut, color
mark) to a single field on an interlaced material at 29,97 in Davinci
Resolve? The material was originally 2398 but it required a pulldown to
2997, so now I have cuts with interlaced frames, and Resolve can't handle
well that on grading, resulting on color pops. On good old Davinci 2k days,
there was a shortcut to force the  color event (cut) to a single field.
Does anyone if that still works? The field rendering option at monitoring
and rendering does not solve the problem.

Thanks for any input!

Rogério Moraes

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