[Tig] BBC News: 'Eternal' camera takes endless snaps

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In somewhat the same vain vein, Michael Strangelove's (now there’s a name to be reckoned with, Kubrickites and Sellerians unite) new book, POST-TV (University of Toronto Press) appears to be a compelling read.

( http://www.amazon.com/Post-TV-Piracy-Cord-Cutting-Future-Television/dp/1442614528 ) (no connection whatever on my account with Amazon.com )

The blurb from amazon:

"In the late 2000s, television no longer referred to an object to be watched; it had transformed into content to be streamed, downloaded, and shared. Tens of millions of viewers have “cut the cord,” abandoned cable television, tuned into online services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and also watch pirated movies and programmes at an unprecedented rate. The idea that the Internet will devastate the television and film industry in the same way that it gutted the music industry no longer seems farfetched. The television industry, however, remains driven by outmoded market-based business models that ignore audience behaviour and preferences.”

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> Eternal camera that does not need an external power source, so can take photos forever, now what does that remind me of ?
> Ah yes, I remember, FILM !!!!!!!!
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