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Wed Aug 5 18:36:08 BST 2015

Way back in the early 1970's I was a service engineer for Bell & Howell International.
One of the product ranges I worked on was Hazeltine Color Film Analyzers.

While by 1969 Hzeltine had designed a solid state analyzer, I had to look after their 1950s machine, a vast rack of vacuum tube chassis a CRT scanner, operates at maximum of 50uA and scanned the film through to a RGB beam splitter and three photomultipliers. The image was displayed on a circular RCA color Shadow Mask tube.

These beasts were used by "timers" to grade the color negative and create a punched tape that fed RGB values to film printers. Such a beast was still in operation at Humphries Film Lab in London in 1976 !

The principle used was of course similar to Rank Flying Spot scanners.



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