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Dallas's & Transfer colorist Steve Franco reported on his Facebook page Tuesday that Video Post and Transfer founder Neil Feldman had passed away in the Washington DC area, where he resided for a number of years. 

He was 62, and surrounded by family at his passing.

Longtime friend and Dallas  business associate Paul Christansen posted a link to Neil's obituary in the Washington Post. 


On his own Facebook page, Christensen noted the contributions that Feldman made to the Dallas post community and post production in the United States:

The http://www.videopost.com website remains up although it hasn't been updated since 2008.

The "About" page notes a number of contributions to the post community and film transfer:


"Video Post & Transfer is a comprehensive creative group providing the best in Film-to-Tape Transfer, Film Processing, Broadcast Design, Digital Effects Design, Post-Production, and Audio services. Using the latest equipment, our nationally-recognized team will assist in realizing your vision with efficiency and artistry.
In the last decade VPT has grown to include a state-of-the-art negative film-processing lab; Hothaus Creative, an award-winning design, animation, and creative group; N2O Editorial, an outrageously inventive off-line editorial boutique; and & Transfer, the Southwest's premiere telecine boutique with Spirit telecines, daVinci 2k color systems and up to 4k film scanning.

Neil Feldman is the CEO and owner of the company, which began in 1981 as the first video post-production facility totally dedicated to independent producers. VPT has since carved out a national reputation for technical innovation in the post-production industry, pioneering a number of firsts in the field:

• First Independent Post-Production Facility in the southwest to offer 1" Type C editing
• Installed the first Dubner CBG-2 computer graphics/animation system
• Introduced the Montage (first non-linear videotape editing system)
• Built the nation's first all digital on-line editing bays
• First with both digital audio and video in the same suite
• Custom built in-house color correction systems
• Created world's first film-to-video system based on film edge numbers that correlated to video frames
• Invented the Meta-Speed Digital Servo System for telecines
• At the forefront of High Definition Television"

In 2000, Feldman pushed into the Los Angeles market with the first innovation TK Millennium flying spot scanner with up to 4K capability:


In 2011, Feldman decided to retire, and the film transfer division was sold to new owners. The deal closed in August, 2011 and  The new owners announced their acquisition in October:


Feldman's bio on the video post website reads:
"Neil Feldman studied Electrical Engineering at Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio. He graduated with Honors in 1977 with a BSEE. Upon graduation he also received the "Theta Tau Award" given by the Delta Chapter of Case Institute of Technology. While an undergraduate he was also elected to both Etta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering) and Tau Beta Pi (Engineering) honor societies.

While at Case Western Neil served for two consecutive years as the General Manager of radio station WRUW-FM. He was also a founding director in the effort to establish a full service public radio station (WCPN) in Cleveland. Upon graduation Neil went to work for Motorola, Inc. at their Portable Products Division in Plantation, Florida. He participated in the design of the PT-500 series of public service VHF transceivers. Later he was selected by the Paging Products Group to be one of two engineers sent to Austin, Texas to work on the first generation Motorola CMOS family of microprocessor products (the 146805 IC series). During this period he designed the MC146818 and the MC146819 CMOS Real-Time Clock chips. As part of this effort he was awarded his first patent (#4,366,560) for a unique automatic Power-Down Detection circuit issued on December 28, 1982. Neil left Motorola in 1980 and briefly served as Chief Engineer for Third Coast Video in Austin. During this time period he became one of the few individuals in America to ever win a case under the FCC's Fairness Doctrine (involving the public television station in Austin.) In April 1981 he moved to Dallas, Texas to begin a new company called Video Post and Transfer.

Neil is a member of the IEEE, SMPTE, SPIE, SBE, and the ITVA. He has served in a variety of positions within SMPTE. He was Dallas Section Chairman for two consecutive terms. He was then elected as one of the Governors for the Southern Region in 1990-91. He served as an At-Large Governor in 1992 and then was re-elected Southern Governor in 1993-94. He became Financial Vice-President in 1996-97. He also served as the National Membership Chairman and on various committees (Education, Sections, Financial and Fellows) during those years.

Neil is also an active amateur radio operator (W3CAF) and private pilot."

We hadn't noted his passing elsewhere, and thought folks here would want to know and share some thoughts.


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