[Tig] Different letterbox On DisneyX. / Marvel Avengers

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sun Jan 4 19:42:13 GMT 2015

>I was watching Disney XD with my kids this morning... On a cartoon called
>Marvel Avengers Assemble S1E04

>It weird because it has different letterbox for different shots. Most is
>full frame 16/9, but all of a sudden it cuts to a shot with ~2,35 and then
>some shots are ~2,00 or 1,90.

I used to do quite a bit of compositing on animated stuff. Most of it was/is
subcontracted out to animation meat grinders in India, China, and other places
where labor is really cheap.

The consistency was always horrendous. Clothing would change colors from cut
to cut. Backgrounds would change from day to night for no reason, characters
would get somewhat older and younger, and on and on. It became a running joke
after a while.

There is no reason to believe little children are sophisticated enough to get
the nuance of context related to varying aspect ratios. Ocam's Razor suggests
this is just another example of poor quality control on lowest bidder imported
stuff, and Disney having many channels to fill with content and not giving a
crap because of the ludicrously low pricing they're getting per animated


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