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Not to derail the conversation, but I just saw the Getty's exhibit of Ruben's tapestries illustrating & celebrating the Catholic rite of the Eucharist (circa 1625)

When all 11 tapestries where put in their context of position in their original location, you quickly realized that you where looking at a comic book format (written really, REALLY large) with different aspect ratios/formats based on available space and importance of the story "panel".

Mind = blown


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> Used to handle an account where I saw a lot of animated content -- some of them weren't "cartoons."  Changing the enclosed frame seems to be employed as much as a vignetting technique as a presentation frame.  Watch an episode of "Samurai Jack" sometime.  Comic books do not employ a rigid frame size or aspect ratio other than what will fit on the page and what supports the narrative. Open a comic book and consider a layout of three rows -- top two might have two square panels side-by-side, and the bottom one might be a single "wide" and there might even be a circular cameo overlaid on an intersection that would otherwise be a "cutaway" shot in a motion picture.
> I am not saying it *might not* be a QA control issue, but art direction can figure into the equation as well.  Graphic novels, manga, and so on do it all the time.
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