[Tig] Ampex VR650

Nils LindPetersen nils.lp91 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 22:02:10 GMT 2015

Hi all

this is maybe off topic, but
I am looking for dokumentation in my attempt to get an about 1965 helical
2" Ampex VR650 to function.
Servo is kind of working in forward and with a gentle push on take-up reel
also in rewind, but so far no video out,
(I want to trace for RF from the heads?)
Perhaps Ted Langdell or someone on the quad-tape list can help?

happy new year to everyone on this estemed list
Nils Lind Petersen

now working voluntary at http://www.drmuseum.dk/35241914
(sorry only danish spoken and written on the pages, though you might like
the video)

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