[Tig] Ampex VR650--Is the PAL version of the VR-660--We can help--

Bert Weyl bweyl33 at verizon.net
Fri Jan 16 00:30:44 GMT 2015

   David's clarification on the models is far better than my recollection now
   that I think about it - my "VR660C" had actually started life as a 650C, and
   I coerced a 660 scanner and a few other things out of friends at the time.
   These things didn't have TBC's and other standard-dependent parts that made
   the differences less. And the mod/demod testpoint he mentions would show if
   the heads/preamp are doing anything if there is anything on the tape - could
   indicate head clogs, damaged heads or ??. Further, David is also correct
   that if the transport is not pulling the tape properly, there could be a
   stiction issue that baking the tape could help. If that's the case, don't
   expect to make repeated play attempts if the stock is deteriorating to that
   extent. If you have some, try using some raw stock that is clean. There
   could be a capstan/drive issue as well though - I think there was a rubber
   drive sleeve on the capstan flywheel that would get hard and slip.

   Hope this helps!!

   On 01/12/15, David Crosthwait via Tig<tig at colorist.org> wrote:

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   Just a point of clarification to Ted's posting:
   A VR 650 is 625/25 black & white. A VR 650C is PAL color capable.
   Likewise, a VR 660 is 525/30 black & white. A VR 660C is NTSC color capable.
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   On Jan 12, 2015, at 4:13 PM, Ted Langdell wrote:
   > Hi, Nils and Jeff
   > The Ampex VR-650 IS the PAL version of the VR-660 2" Helical Scan VTR from
   the mid 1960s.
   > Ted
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