[Tig] re AMPEX VR650

Nils LindPetersen nils.lp91 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 12:44:37 GMT 2015

Thank you to Jeff, Graham, Ted, David, Bert and others who responded
off-list to me.

The servo is not working properly (any more) since the supply reel now is
permanent blocked by a solenoid (brake). The tape don't seem to be sticky,
but is maybe fragile. We have audio so we know the tape speed is too slow
and unstable. The capstan and the heads clogs, due to the extreme tension
so we do repeated cleaning. Tension arm can move without tape as a function
of the tension-adjust knob. There have been no picture but a glimpse of
video and line sync on a scope.

Is the small square black momentary push button on the side of the drum for
'loading - unloading' tape?

Status with pictures of this 2" helical can be seen at

thanks to the TIG community
Nils Lind Petersen

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