[Tig] AMPEX VR650

Nils LindPetersen nils.lp91 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 21:42:32 GMT 2015

We played back as short as possible, and in order to do a recording of the
conditions. I absolutely don't like the sound of the tape tearing either.
The reel-brake solenoid engage at power on, but else it can move. I think
we will tie a fine line to manual release the brakes if not the torque is
to heavy.

There are no letter after the '650' .
It is told the VTR was used for screen training.
Next Wednesday will reveal more  ...

Nils Lind Petersen
drmuseum, Copenhagen

Hi, Nils,

Just looked at the video:  YIKES!

Given all the faults and tape damage seen, I'd recommend NOT playing tape
until you have the mechanical issues resolved.

Ted Langdell

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